Dec 29, 2009

Even more loving

I’ve had my fancy laptop for 5 days now and I think I love it a little more each day. Last night I started working, like really working, on our wedding album and the laptop speed rocked. There’s a lot of BIG graphics involved in the book so to slow down the computer would be expected. But not this bad boy. It worked like a champ.

And besides being super fun for wedding photo related things, it is super fast for working from home. I downloaded all my remote access stuff and can access my office computer at the speed of light now. Get how good this is – I just cleaned out all the emails I’ve received over the holidays. Do you have any idea how much more awesome that will make Monday!? And I’ve done lots of work on eNews and made some Web updates. Seriously, that will make Monday so much easier.

The only thing I’m struggling with is the Live Writer program for blogging. I love it as an editor, its so easy. But I can’t get images to publish. If you’ve used it and have any ideas, please share.

Ross really did a good job with this gift. Talk about bells and whistles. WOW.

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