Dec 15, 2009

I won't believe you

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If you say you are sick of wedding pictures as the visual for all my blog entries. Here's the rundown of the week.

1. Kevin passed all his classes this semester and was so jazzed he texted me about it. Maybe he had a really hard one?
2. My (step) sister-in-law is preggers! She's due in June with her third baby. Gonna be an auntie again! Hurray!
3. We had our Christmas party and despite my best attempts to take photos, I am my mother's child. I put the camera in the middle of the counter before the party so I would have easy access, yet failed entirely. However it was an excellent party. I was a very busy hostess and we had a very full house.
4. Lexi was the belle of the ball at the Christmas party.
5. Speaking of Lexi, she continues to sleep in the bed with us. Between us. By our heads. Under the covers. Yes, it does in fact just continue to get more ridiculous.
6. Lexi also got into a fight with large pink blow-up flamingo. (And currently Ross and she are wrestling. I have paws in my face as I type).
7. Ross is very cute. I'm glad I married him. He does however want to know why I chose a wedding photo without either of us in it. I was told that was "weak."
8. I'm launching a new Girl Scout Web site this week. I mean same address, in case you forgot, but totally redesigned. AWESOME.
9. I'm spending Christmas Eve Day with Brittany and her fam. Hurray for second families!
10. Ross really wants me to watch NCIS with him now so I must run.


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