Dec 2, 2009

I'm gonna be an auntie

No Kevin did not get some girl preggers and no Megan is not preggers. But guess who is? Age!

And now that its been announced on Facebook I no longer have to keep it a secret. Woohoo!

She and Joe will be wonderful parents. As long as I've known them the idea of babies sooner rather than later has been there so I know they are ready. And they just bought the house which means there is even room for the little baby. I haven't talked to her since she got a for real due date but her GP guestimated around 4th of July. I vote we get an Independence Day baby. Then the kid could have fireworks on its birthday forever. If that's not cool, I don't know what is.

I'll be Auntie Cheryl. It will be great. I'll be the super cool aunt (I hope) who lives faraway and just shows up once a year to spoil it rotten. I'll be like Santa in the summer...because goodness knows the winter is too cold of a time to go visit.

And when I go to visit, I'll show this picture: Mama shakin' her groove thing (with another man at that. naughty girl).

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