Apr 3, 2010

I didn't know it could get better

bridesmaidsI really didn't know it could get any better, but y'all, it just did. Jess and Rob have a family blog now! YES! Check it out Meet the Porters as they inch closer to their wedding day in less than four months.

So I don't want to use the word "old" but my friends and I are sorta starting to get there. Amanda and Joe are about to have a baby. Heck, Kate & Amanda LaMartina already have babies (see the LaMartina blog). I'm married. Obviously Amanda and Joe are married...now if they could just get a blog. Ben and Anna are getting hitched, and have a blog. As if that wasn't enough blog goodness, there's Emo & the City (who is also about to be married - hurray!).

And I gotta say, I think blogs are my new fav way to keep tabs on all my friends. I love love love to read them and get all the dirt on whats going on in their lives. It's hard to keep up but all these lovely blogs sure do make it easier.

If you don't have a blog yet - ahem, Amanda, Val, Emal & Jane - I think now would be a swell time to start one. I mean really, all the cool kids are doing it.

Photo: Val, me & Jess - as in the lovely about to be hitched Jess who just started her own blog, like a cool kid.

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