Aug 8, 2011

The Many Faces of Lexi

011Lexi has multiple personalities. That's the only explanation.

When she's off the leash, she's a little puppy angel. She greets people and other pups with licks and sniffs and love. And in addition to being sugar sweet, she sticks right by us, which of course is why she can go off leash. She's constantly underfoot, follows us around with no seeming interest in leaving ever.

When she's on the leash, she's...something else. And it's not just her inner honey badger shining through. It is, in fact, a little embarrassing. She's more assertive to say the least. Maybe it's like keeping a short "leash" on your kids or spouse and they simply rebel. And she pulls, pulls, pulls on the leash. Like she's gonna run away for miles. Newsflash Lexi, you are way too clingy the rest of the time for me to think you actually want to run away. Run after a squirrel or cat yes, run away, no.

People with puppies: do you have this experience too? Does your sweet, cuddley puppy become a barking, marathon running beast as soon as that leash hooks on? What's the deal?!?!

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