Aug 9, 2011

August 9

There are two people so special, they needed their own blog entry today. None of this including them with the book reviews post nonsense. A post dedicated just to them and to August 9.

GFD trainingRoss
Today is Ross' one year anniversary at the Georgetown Fire Department. (See some pretty awesome pictures from a  year ago when I followed him around the house in a bathrobe while he got ready for his first day of work.) As of today, he is no longer a probational fire fighter, he is a fire fighter. He is also in the union, is a little better paid and is being rewarded for his college degree. He's practically been holding his breath, walking on pins and needles waiting anxiously for today.

But it's finally here! The big day! Woohoo! Way to go babe!

Today is also Mom's birthday. She is one year wiser and prettier today. Kevin and I are well aware that we hit the mom-jackpot but let me share with you a few reasons why we know this to be true.
  • She took Melissa and I to dinner once and let us eat backwards, dessert first.
  • She made my lunch just about every day all the way through high school. 
  • She went to as many baseball, cheerleading, lacrosse, dance, etc practices as we did.
  • She was my Girl Scout troop leader and by showing me the horror of latrines, taught me a deep appreciation of running water.
  • Speaking of Girl Scouts, she obliged in driving me all the way across Houston to Conroe for Girl Scout summer camp for five years, despite that there was a beautiful Girl Scout camp less than 2 miles from our house.
  • She's really just quite swell.
Happy birthday Mom! 


Vivian said...

And she made your friends lunch sometimes too!  Happy birthday Mrs. Lowe! 

Guest said...

You really can't have too many Goldfish after all

Mom said...

It's easy to be a good mom when you have great kids! Thanks for the special blog entry Cheryl!
And thank you Vivian. Yes, there were often extra snacks in Cheryl's lunch just for you and Melissa