Aug 30, 2011

On the radio, whoa oh oh, on the radio

Coming in only second to my ABC World News debut, this morning I had my radio show call-in debut.

On KASE 101 every morning they have a Daily Dilemma and listeners call in to give advice. Today's was a heavy girl (size 14) whose skinny, pretty sister told her that to be in her wedding, she needed to lose 25 pounds.

Well as you can imagine, I had quite strong feelings about that. But it gets worse! One of the DJs suggested the heavier sister lose the 25 pounds and show her sister up by being hotter (than her sister, the bride) at the wedding.

I had to call in. First, what a B&%*#! Who tells their sister that?! Second, ugh, hello Mr. DJ losing 25 pounds when you are a size 14 isn't going to make you thinner than your skinny, pretty sister. Thinner than you were 25 pounds ago but odds are, not thinner than this witch of a sister. Thus that advice is not only ridiculous but irrelevant.

So yeah, I called in. And I gave them a piece of my mind. And they aired it!

I've done radio before for work but always live so I've never been able to hear myself. I've heard my TV interviews though and I often get a little squeaky. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no squeak in this interview, though I did ramble a bit. But hey, you read my blog. You're used to it.

Anyways, back to the Daily Dilemma at hand. How do you think the woman should handle her sister's wedding weight loss mandate?


Brittney Garneau said...

Wow. First of all, I would NEVER, EVER ask a bridesmaid to lose weight. These are your BEST FRIENDS and often your family - how could you even HINT that you don't love them as they are? These are the people that will be there for you through thick and thin - how shallow can you be?? My own sister is bigger than me/the average woman, and I'm pretty sure she would have beat the crap out of me if I dared to ask her to lose weight for my wedding.

If I were this I would have a serious talk with my sister and explain to her just how hurtful her request was. If she is confident about who she is and how she looks, more power to her! She'll look beautiful in anything, as long as she is confident - and her sister's request is robbing her of her self-assuredness.

Cheryl said...

Oh girl,  you're telling me! In addition to having a serious talk with the sister-bride...I think a punch in the pretty little face might be in order. But that's just me.