Mar 24, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading the blog of the wife of the most famous MetroRail rider in Austin.

Last night we jumped on the first weekend evening service of MetroRail for a night downtown. Jon & Erin jumped on at the stop nearest their house and a couple stops later, we jumped on. On the ride into town we joked about being a part of Austin history - first train ever for weekend MetroRail! Woohoo!

Ah, foreshadowing.

When we got downtown we noticed a reporter and cameraman and thought we'd have .5 seconds of fame as they captured footage of people getting off the train. Oh no, it was so much more fame than that.

Sheldon Green from KVUE interviewed me and Ross. He actually told me my first answer was too spot-on and asked if I was planted by CapMetro. (No, just years of professional PR work and training.) I thought my interview went fine but Ross' interview was excellent. He's such a natural! Laid back, guy-next-door sounding, and of course, good looking.

Anyway, we missed the news clip because as mentioned, we were having a night out on the town. But we know it showed because Nancy's friends, the guys at GFD and a couple of my friends (who noted my name was spelled "Sheryl") saw it.

In the absence of a video clip, allow me to share my husband's fame via the web story. And I quote

Friday night about 20 people hopped on board Capital Metro’s first permanent weekend train ride stretching from Leander to downtown Austin.
“I went on the website and it said (the train would arrive in) 30 minutes and it was on the second for how long it said it was going to be,” said Ross Black who rode with his wife to meet two other couples for a night out on the town.
Evening Update: Video clip!

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