Mar 7, 2012

The Girls Are a Mess

I wish I could tell you that something interesting was going on in this house of mine but alas, nothing is.

Well unless you count the fact that Lexi and I have been a hot mess.

Sunday night Ross and I were FaceTime-ing while he was on shift. Per the usual, I turned the phone to Lexi so he could see her. I said "Want to talk to your dad?" and she started to shake her head. I thought it was just a little puppy-dog head shake, you know like when something gets in her ears. But it kept going! And it wasn't the usual big shake but steady rhythmic shakes.

Naturally we freaked the hell out.

I sat with her, made sure it stopped and at Ross' suggestion, called her into the kitchen for a treat. She seemed fine, good balance, plenty of energy. OK on to the next thing - Google.

Google told us they are known as head tremors. If you need a video to better "get" it, here's one - but trust me when I say freaky.

I've since talked to the emergency vet's office who said unless she starts having full body seizures or otherwise acts strange (which Lexi's case would be what - not barking at horses on TV?), she's probably fine. Apparently it can be caused by something as mundane as running into stuff (ie walls while chasing bugs), muscle spasms or as Ross researched, a vitamin deficiency. She's now on a puppy multi-vitamin, but as for running into stuff, I got nothing on that.

And me, well I had some sort of food poisoning or something similar Monday night. Suffice it to say, not fun. I stayed home from work Tuesday to recuperate (and whine and mope and groan). Ross made an early morning grocery run to get the appropriate sick-person foods and then made me homemade chicken noodle soup Tuesday night. I went back into the office today but can honestly say I didn't feel even 90% until after dinner tonight. However, with the exception of being a little achey (I guess that will happen after laying in bed for 36 hours straight), I'm doing pretty good now.

I have approximately 1.5 days to get myself back in tip-top shape because Friday evening one of the funnest, definitely busiest 4 days of the year start - South by Southwest!

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