Mar 25, 2012

Pinterest House

I tried out Pinterest a couple months ago because as you probably know, its all the social media rage. And part of my job is literally being knowledgeable about the social media rage.

Anyways, I can't say I'm a huge fan. I guess I'm more of a text person when it comes to online research for just about anything. (Contrast: when hubby researches something he always starts with YouTube...which never even crosses my mind.) However, I have found I like Pinterest as I think about the new house we want to build this year. I like it so much in fact I have no less 9 boards relating to it.

And because I'm so excited about some of them, I wanna share my fav pinned pics with you. Here we go

Yard: I've long since come to terms with the fact that cactus and rocks are the only things I don't kill. So I'm running with it.
Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

Living Room: A slightly warmer, brighter version of what we currently have (except I don't need a tea pot on my coffee table. That's strange right?)
Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

Kitchen: Once you go red, you can never go back. I thought I wanted dark cabinets but having seen some pics of that have realized it's much too dark. Light cabinets with dark countertops, here I come.
Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

Guest Bathroom: Yes, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to our guest bathroom. Again, along the same lines of what we currently have (though way more swank). I especially love the blue walls.
Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

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