Mar 20, 2012

St. Patty's Wedding

Jane and Chris got married!

Two posts ago I hinted at this and since then, it's actually happened. Friday morning I flew out of Austin wicked early (and forgot it was both SXSW and spring break so did not give myself enough time at the airport. Consequently I ran from security to my gate barefoot...fortunately it was the gate closest to security so that was only about 15 yards. After ascertaining that my flight had not left, I promptly put on my shoes and boarded).

I made it to Beantown a little after noon and met up with Val. We surprised ourselves with exactly how little we remembered of the T map but did in fact make it to the 1:20 commuter rail up to Salem that we were aiming for. We had lunch in a little cafe (mmm chowdah), checked into our Inn, took naps, shared a bottle of wine with Kristin and headed to dinner. Dinner turned into drinks which turned into dancing with the entire wedding party and many college friends to the tune of a 90s cover band. It was a good night.

Saturday (St. Patrick's Day) started with one Taygan being thrown into bed between Val and me. Cutie pie! Then lunch and then before we knew it, wedding time!

Jane and Chris officially earn the award for shortest (college) wedding ceremony. I think her beautiful self was down the aisle, married and back down with a hubby in all of 15 minutes. Nicely done you two.

Let's pause here to admire Jane. She was gorgeous! Her dress was fantastic: a full lace overlay, modest train and some sparkley beading. Her hair was very classy in a side ponytail with a great little headband and the make-up was perfect (hats off to Ang).

Then cocktail hour, during which I discovered just how many Deltas were in attendance and met Margo's soon-to-be-hubby; dinner - complete with lobster bisque - some very impressive speeches (Chris' was my fav) and then the dancing began. As was no surprise to anyone, Taygan was among the most popular dancing partners.

In true Delta fashion, we sang (chanted) "I am a T" and then had a group picture taken. (There were a few girls who hadn't been to the other weddings and I have to say, they looked a little surprised by the singing. Apparently they don't break out into sorority rush songs every time they attend a wedding. I recommended that they start.)

Post-wedding we hit up a wine bar in Salem to relax and continue chit chatting a bit. Then it was back to our Friday night location to wrap the night up with a dance party because everyone loves a dance party.

It's late now and I must get some sleep but I'll leave you with these two things: 1) I also saw my family during my trip which was awesome and relaxing. I loved spending my last day just hanging out with them in Wellesley. And 2) PICTURES!

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These are some of my favs. I'll upload the rest to Flickr later this week.


Jessicaellenporter said...

Is it bad that I don't remember singing I am a T or a group photo?  I'm going with I was in the bathroom..

Cheryl said...

Jess Porter might have been in the bathroom but I know exactly where Jess Eddy was