Apr 20, 2012


Inspired by Brittney's recent shoe post and Alta's ongoing fashion posts, I'm sharing my latest fashion excitement: new black peep-toe pumps!

Mmm shoes
Yesterday I bought these beautiful new heels on a lunch break DSW adventure. It may be a little hard to tell in the picture but they have some texture to them and a small bow on top. There's a slight platform which in addition to being great for height, on this particular pair provides tons of squishiness.

On behalf of myself and these no longer orphan shoes, I'd like to thank Lexi for my Christmas shoe gift card, DSW for my birthday discount and my office for being so near to such an excellent shoe store.


Kimpippin said...

I have those in taupe and their FABULOUS!! I'm seriously considering getting them in black too

Alta said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Good choice!! 

Cheryl said...

 thank you dear