Apr 10, 2012

Bras & Birthdays

A coworker of mine spent this past weekend in Vegas as the kick off to her 40th birthday year. That's right, year. When I asked how she was going to continue the celebration, she told me with a whole year of fundraisers. Be still my heart for yes, this woman truly is all you aspire to be.

As a kid I wasn't allowed to start talking about my birthday until the first of April (however I feel strongly that if Mom knew I was planning a whole year of charitable celebrations, I could have started talking about it April 26 of the year before).

Old habits die hard and it wasn't until early April that I really started thinking about my birthday, though admittedly I came to no conclusions for the celebration.

But today when my very charitable coworker shared her plan and then mere hours later led a webinar for the BCRC on launching personal fundraising pages, I had my answer. Birthday fundraiser part two: the shamelessly committed and enthusiastic edition! (See birthday fundraiser part one, the 2011 starter edition.)

ABA logoThis year's birthday fundraiser is called Bras & Birthdays in honor of BCRC's Art Bra Austin, for which I am the communications chair, and of course, for my 27th birthday. And because let's be honest, the name got your attention.

Because the need is so important, I have set the lofty goal of a LOT. I would love to see my fundraising go, in the words of Buzz Lightyear, "to infinity and beyond."

As of right now, at 9:25 p.m. I'm sitting pretty at $80 in donations. Pretty damn good for only having the page live for 7 hours.

Thanks in advance for considering my alliteration of a fundraiser and I promise to keep y'all updated on the progress and what that progress means to breast cancer patients in Central Texas.

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