Apr 29, 2012

On the Hunt

I've graduated from Pinterest boards for our new house to actually talking to builders! We're not 100% sure we are going to build but at the moment it's our first choice (and for me first choice by a landslide).

Friday I ventured up to one of the neighborhoods I've been pining away (online style) for in Round Rock and then since I was already in the area, explored another recommended neighborhood. My adventure confirmed a few things
  1. I definitely want to live off the 45 toll road. The toll road runs east to west and seeing the traffic trying to get off the toll and go further north...no thank you. That looked atrocious. Also door-to-door from my office it was 19 minutes, even at 4:30p on a Friday. Pretty good if you ask me.
  2. 2500 square feet is about right. Having now walked through a home I knew was 2500 square feet, I can say that's the right size for us, give or take a smidge.
  3. We're dead set on two upgrades: wood floors and nice countertops. Others I am fairly flexible with or in some cases, am not really interested in (extra tall crown moldings? who really needs that?).
The next steps will be mortgage approval and then potentially pricing out exactly what we want; lot, floor plan and upgrades. I think these are June and July projects. We'll all be crossing all our fingers and toes in the meantime.

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