Jun 29, 2012

Ode to Girlfriends

I wish I remembered anything at all about poetry. Sans the ABAB rhyming structure, I got nothing.

However, if I remembered anything about poetry I would write an ode to my girlfriends. Because girlfriends can go from the mundane, trivial or downright lack of communication to hashing out life's major conundrums with you in the blink of an eye. Whether it's over girls evening out (the early version of girls night out; much thanks Brit for our lovely evening), via phone calls or text messages, girlfriends are awesome, helpful and accepting.

Who else can call you nuts besides your pseudo-sister?
In a phone call a couple years ago, Melissa and I decided that we all had our own kinda crazy. As in we all have something that make others say "that chick is nuts." But what's important is just embracing your own kinda crazy and working with it. Whether its obsessing over a "what did he mean when he said X" situation or obsessively Pinteresting kitchen cabinets, you just gotta own it. Embrace the crazy.

That said, I greatly appreciate my girlfriends, near and far, who jump right into the crazy with me, who don't question it for a second and who embrace the crazy for all it has to offer.

Thanks y'all; you're the best.

Ladies who totally own the crazy with you

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