Sep 26, 2013

Feel the Burn!

This morning had the makings of awesome. And then it crashed and burned. And then it turned into the best work-out I've had in weeks (months? A year?).

Ross and I had our game plan for the day. I woke up, fed and dressed a baby, and took him for a stroller walk. Then a little work during naptime and at 11a handed the Cade-man to his daddy for some Target shopping and gym-time.

Unfortunately at 11:29 Ross called to say I had the carseat in my car and thus he was unable to drive Cade to Erin's. [Me: Expletive Expletive!]

Leave Target, drive home while literally cursing myself for messing up my 90 minutes of alone time awesomeness. Throw a hissy fit when I get home. Ross tells me - go back! Go to the gym!

So I did. As he put it, I worked out some demons. Damn, it was a good work out. But it did remind me that I really needed to update my workout play list. It was very 2012 (and yes I know we are 3/4 through 2013...I've been busy birthing a baby and whatnot).

Now that baby boy is asleep for the night, I poured a glass of wine and got to work on my playlist. My new additions are

  • Applause
  • Everybody Talks
  • Locked out of Heaven
  • Roar (because I'm a bad ass, like Rocky)
  • The Way You Make Me Feel (flashback to some classic MJ!)
  • Little White Church (had to have 1 country song)
  • I Like to Move it (ode to the 90s)
  • Sexy Back (because duh, that's why I'm at the gym)
What beats do you feel the burn to?

because no post is complete w/o a cute baby pic

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