Sep 16, 2013

Cade of the Crazy Naps

At least he's cute
Once upon a time, I had a baby who was on a schedule and was downright predictable.

Ah, if only I had known how truly lovely that was.

Last week Cade started taking "micro naps" as I have deemed them. Just a mere 30 minutes. Then he'd wake up, we'd play for 30-45 minutes and he'd be ready for another 30-45 minute nap. He had 2-3 days where he had taken 2 naps by noon!

This weekend he went the opposite direction. Twice I assumed he'd take the normal 45 minute nap (his staple for about a month now). I timed the nap and our following activity accordingly. Both times I ended up having to wake him after an hour because he was still snoozing away.

This morning he took a 35 minute nap and then woke up. But within 10 minutes he was fussy again. Clearly he needed a longer nap. Right now he is talking/fussing in his crib because I said "try again" but he opposes the idea.

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