Sep 18, 2013

More Reason to Love Starbucks

As if I needed more reason.

Their CEO published an open letter requesting people not carry guns into their locations.

Second amendment...enthusiasts...are giving the company flack. But I ask you - what CEO in his right mind would invite the public to carry weapons into their locations? The only logical examples I can think of are the gun and/or sporting industries. Otherwise...why? Why would you want weapons in your place of business, around your employees and customers?

As Howard Schultz says, this is a request, not an outright ban. So he's not infringing upon personal rights.

If the "Starbucks Appreciation Days" hadn't occurred and hadn't implied that Starbucks had an enthusiastic stance on the laws, this probably never would have happened. And gun carrying Americans could have continued to carry their guns inside with them while grabbing a latte. Overwhelmingly in a responsible fashion.

I'm with Schultz. I respect the right to bear arms, and though I may not always agree with it in states where open carry is permitted, so be it. But you can still request people not bring it in to your home or place of business.

I will happily be drinking a $5 coffee* this afternoon while working between appointments.

*Actually I purchase so much Starbucks that today's coffee will be on them. Don't ask how much I spent to earn that perk.

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