Sep 28, 2013

Going Away for College

Looks like this weekend is a college blogging kick for me. I just read this NY Times article for work and as someone who really went away for college, I found it very interesting.

How far do you think you have to go to "go away for college"?

Maybe all this Cubs/Bears gear will turn into
a University of Chicago decision. I'd support that.
I don't think there is a magic distance. It's not like the difference between 49 and 50 miles suddenly means you've moved away. I'd say it is more of a psychological difference. How for does each individual student need to go to feel a little more of a push to do things on their own? For me it was roughly 1800 miles. But for other kids, I bet 50 or 60 does it.

We're a few years away from Cade going to college but at this point, I hope he truly goes "away." As in outside of Central Texas. Not in Travis, Williamson, Hays or Bastrop counties (unless Bastrop County develops a higher ed institution soon this one at least will be easy). And really I'd say not even the Temple or Waco areas either. We'll see how I feel in 17.5 years but at least right now, I hope he goes to San Antonio (about 100 miles away) or further. Somewhere where it is in no way convenient to come home and ask me to do his laundry.

Rest assured though, even if he goes to Texas State Round Rock, about 7 miles from our house, I will not be doing his laundry.

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