Oct 4, 2013

Busy Week in Babyland

imageCade's social calendar is no joke. It is probably comparable to the Queen's. It certainly is more full than mine.

Last Saturday he had a playdate with Wyatt, the son of my friend/fellow Delta alumna, Andrea. Wyatt is exactly a month younger than Cade so they had TONS in common.

Then Sunday he spent the afternoon with Nana. When he came home we were having a game night which included Rowan, her parents, Uncle Ryan and Margeaux. More baby fun.

Monday and Tuesday he spent with Rowan, Piper and Miss Erin. Per the usual.

imageWednesday and Thursday we kinda took it easy, just hanging out with Mom & Dad. But there were lots of stroller walks, dance parties, a few new (bath) toys and a couple of shopping trips. Last night he had a FaceTime dinner date with Great Grandma too.

Today Miss Ali came over to play in the morning and when he wakes up from his nap, we're going furniture shopping. Then Miss Brittany and Miss Nichole are coming over for a visit.

But wait - there's more! Tomorrow is Rowan's birthday party and Sunday afternoon is another date with Nana and Grandpa Jack.

I'm telling you - he is one BUSY baby.

(Knock on wood but he's been sleeping fairly well lately. Maybe we're finally wearing him out instead of the other way around!

Lunchtime stroller adventure w/Mom

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