Oct 26, 2013

Four Celebration

A day after our anniversary we celebrated.

After a baby exchange with Nana at the usual Starbucks location, there was some mommy-time (shoe shopping resulting in super cute DSW brown leather "shooties" and then a pedicure). After which couple time began. We went zip lining!

20131026_163052This was a gift from Ross for my birthday but the weather did not cooperate back in the spring. So today was take 2. Much more successful. The tour included an 11 year old's birthday party, another couple about our age (thanks y'all for taking the picture!) and us. Hats off to the kids because they were very well behaved. Hat off also to our tour guides who enforced the "grown ups go first" rule at the last zip line which got us to the "lake side" bar a few minutes earlier. (If/when Baby Cade asks, please support us in our claim to have been cool...even if we aren't at the time. Historic pictures from Europe and now zip lining prove we were at least cool at one point. Right?)

Post zip lining we cleaned up and went out for a night on the (Round Rock) town. We had dinner at Jack Allen's Kitchen, a restaurant known for its very tasty locally-sourced menu. We started with the house guacamole (which included pumpkin seeds!) then on to entrees of sliders for him and ruby trout for me. We wrapped it up with dessert to-go (for tomorrow). Super tasty. An excellent dinner selection by the hubs.


Basically, Ross with his awesome sense of fun was totally #winning with all the plans he made/suggested for this anniversary. Two thumbs up for the hubs.

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