Oct 16, 2013

Today's Reality

One of my favorite mommy-bloggers, Amanda, is super awesome because she tells it like it is. She has three girlies and she writes about really good days with so much cute it should be illegal, and more typical days where 3 minutes with a cup of coffee is a major accomplishment. That's why I like her blog. I know she is happy with life but I know she has a real, normal, often hysterical life. So it is with Amanda inspiration that I tell you about my reality today.

  • It started at 6:24a with happy pterodactyl baby shrieks.
  • By 10a I had already given Lexi a foot-bath because of all the mud outside. She leaped out of the tub before I was ready for her to do such and flung muddy water on the bathroom walls and tile. Then she marched little muddy puppy paw prints on our white (I know, foolish) bathmat.
  • Clean bathtub, walls and floor.
  • 10:15a give fussy baby Cade a bottle. He drinks 3 ounces and I swear as much comes squirting out his nose all over me and him. I changed shirts but not jeans. Dear people in my afternoon meeting: sorry.
  • At 10:30a, I had a fussy baby who would not eat and thus was unceremoniously tossed into his crib for nap #2. Thank God, it took.
  • Bless Erin because she arrived at 11a to watch Cade-man.
  • Phone calls, work, phone calls, work. Per the usual.
  • Head downtown for a meeting. Accident or something on MoPac means 75 minutes of driving (total) for 50 minutes of meeting. Doh!
  • Home, phone calls, work, emails, work.
  • Go to steal baby Cade from Erin so she can leave and see...more MUDDY paw prints up and down the stairs. Find Lexi...her paws are so muddy I cannot see her normally white fur.
  • Toss Cade into his crib with toys and give Lexi bath #2. Note: Neither Cade nor Lexi were pleased.
  • Say "screw cleaning the tub. She'll just have muddy paws again tomorrow."
  • Bring Cade into the bathroom, set him in his play-chair-thing and jump into the shower myself. As I'm throwing clothes in the laundry hamper, I eye-spy ants. In the laundry hamper. Talk about ants in your pants.
  • Try to feed Cade. #Fail (Thankfully a few minutes into the struggle Erin texts me that he ate like a monster that afternoon, hence not being hungry.)
  • Put fussy baby into his crib. He takes a catnap! Yay!
  • During the catnap, finish cooking my dinner, pour a glass of wine and turn on Diane Sawyer. 15 seconds in she teases a story about the increase in alcoholism among women.
  • Shut the damn TV off and drink my wine.
  • Feed Cade green beans and tell him no bath tonight. Mama has already given the other baby two baths today and has reached her daily bath giving quota.
  • Hang out with Cade in his room listening to a lullabye CD (thanks Tad!), FaceTiming with Ross and watching Cade practice getting up onto his knees in crawling position. Needless to say, this was the happy highlight of my day. Oh sweet baby Cade, I do love you.

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