Oct 15, 2013

Dining Room Table: Check

If I don't blog for six days but then I blog twice in one day, that's, like, totally acceptable right? I know it at least brings up my monthly blogging average.

Good news! After 11 months of having a kitchen table in our dining room that was so small it looked like doll house furniture in the cavernous room, we finally got a proper dining room table! It is so BIG. And, because we're grown ups now (hell we have a baby), we even got the server/buffet thing. Complete with wine rack for six bottles.


We only have four chairs for now (we wanted to see how it all looked/fit before buying more) but we will soon increase that to six. And if we have a really big dinner crowd one night, we'll get old-school and roll in the desk chairs.

Next up: window treatment, artwork and my favorite CHRISTMAS DISHES.

(By the way - wine rack for six bottles and table that seats six. I don't think that is a coincidence. Everyone grab their own bottle!)

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