Dec 26, 2013

Cade's First Christmas

Whew! The first Christmas has come and gone!

Christmas Eve my parents arrived for the holiday. With them they brought a very very special present: Cade's stocking, handmade by my Grandma. There's a snowman, and lots of beaded sparkles and of course his name at the top. She did a wonderful job on it and having such a special, sentimental Christmas stocking for my little boy warms my heart. I know he'll grow up knowing his Great Grandma worked hard making sure he always has a special stocking.

All day Christmas Eve, Cade was spoiled with grandparent love (imagine that) and we had a big delicious ham dinner that night. Like a little angel, the elf slept the whole night through. Merry Christmas Mommy!

Christmas Day Ross arrived home from the station and the four of us (4 = Lexi) opened our stockings in our PJs. I received a year's supply of chocolate and wine to go with it. Cade received pears (to try as finger foods), a book, T-shirt and socks. Ross received a travel coffee mug, gum, candy and shaving cream.

Compared to the Christmases I grew up with, the post-stocking, pre-party part of our day was pretty mellow. Ross smoked a brisket, we all took turns playing with Cade, Mom and I made tortilla pinwheels, we whipped together side dishes and pour our first glass of wine around 2p. Now unfortunately during all this Cade was just too excited about the holiday to do much in the way of napping. But I guess with all those presents under the tree and his grandparents here - who could blame him.

Around 3ish, Nancy arrived and we started gifts. It was 3 gifts for Cade, 1 gift for someone else, 3 for Cade, 1 for someone else. Needless to say he received a few gifts. The hands-down favorite though was this activity table from my parents. He literally crawled on top of the box and started playing with it through the "test me" window.

Now with the nap situation, Cade had to go to bed at 5:45 while the grown ups ate dinner. And OH WHAT A GOOD DINNER it was. Brisket, Caesar salad, french bread, green beans and mashed potatoes. Then for dessert, cranberry pie and ice cream. YUM! Ross did a bang up job on his first Christmas brisket. I'm so glad I won't have to wait until next Christmas for another brisket. Thank goodness he likes to smoke them!

After dinner and dessert, the night calmed down. (Well, except for Cade's crazy sleeping/waking all night but that's a story for another day.) All in all I'd say Cade had a good first Christmas and we successfully hosted our first holiday.

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