Dec 19, 2013

Happy 35th!

I have never been so glad to miss a birthday party. Ever.

Saturday night was a Meg/Ryan birthday combo package. Both turned 35 within a week of each other and to commemorate the event there was a private karaoke room at Common Interest. Having partook in these private rooms twice before (once because Ryan was "moving to Dallas") we know they are a super duper good time. We were naturally bummed to have missed Saturday night's event. But with Ross' work schedule and my Friday night at Horseshoe Bay (life is so tough) it just wasn't in the cards. Again, I reiterate bummed.

However I have never been so pleased to miss a birthday party. No less 6 people who attended that party have ended up with flu-like symptoms. You gotta figure, breathing on, singing into and then sharing a mic lends itself well to germ sharing. So while we would have enjoyed the hell outta that party, I'm enjoying the hell outta good health right now.

Fortunately, Ryan's bout with sickness was mild and short-lived. He and Margeaux came over tonight for a birthday celebration (pizza, salad, booze and board games). It was great! Cade hung out for the first 20 minutes and gave them their Christmas present. Then off to bed with the baby and up late playing games for the grown-ups. I think we all had a great time. Plus we started discussing our shore-adventures for Cozumel. Mayan ruins, booze cruise, scuba diving and beach lounging lead the pack (basically that's everything offered so we haven't made significant progress...).

So to Meg who turned 35 on Sunday and Ryan who turns 35 in 2 minutes ---- Happy Birthday!!

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