Dec 30, 2013

Christmas Part 2

Saturday night Ross' family came over for our Christmas. First, you should know that getting the six of us in the same room was like getting Congress to pass a budget law. Nearly impossible. Meg and Ross just did not have complementary schedules.

But anyways it finally happened and we had our gift exchange. The big winner of the night was Cade's new car. Complete with working blinkers and radio. Fancy fancy. 

Beyond the car there was a combo of Bears gifts for Ross, wine for Meg, Stacy & me, a Texans blanket for me (that poor Nancy bought in the summer when hopes were high for the team - if she'd bought it this month I bet it would have been like 50 cents), a fingerprint gun safe for Ross and all kinds of other wonderful things. Not to mention a baby kilt. Yup, a baby kilt.

And FINALLY a picture of the three of us on Cade's first Christmas (part 2)! YAY!

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