Aug 2, 2014

Eskimo Summer

You've heard of an Indian Summer but I think this year we're having an Eskimo Summer in Austin (yes, that is an originally coined term...I think...). Yesterday and today the highs have been 90 or below. Perfect for my pre-new-job long weekend.

Cade and I went to the Play for All Park before preschool and I swear it was cooler outside than in our house. It was intended to be a short park trip but ended up lasting almost an hour. In part because of the great weather and in part because we ran into another mom/toddler pair we kinda know (we seem to have similar park schedules so have seen them there a few times).

I had girls lunch and haircut plans for the afternoon but some under-the-weather conditions changed those.

Plan B ended up pretty damn good though. Ross and I went on a double lunch date with Ryan and Margeaux and then I had a leisurely trip to the outlet mall. It was incredible that on August 1 I could do outside shopping in Texas without melting. Seriously the perfect day for some outlet shopping.

I made the couple returns I needed to do and came home with a few new good items. I snagged a great new necklace from Banana Republic (20% off), a tank top from Ann Taylor LOFT (...not sure the discount but only cost $14) and new jean shorts ($10!). I love a good shopping trip.

UntitledWe had a quiet evening at home with a walk to the park, wine on the porch and the Travel Channel.

Today has been a laid back day of chores and laziness. We started with Saturday morning cartoons with our favorite toddler, then HEB and the park. Since I didn't find the black flats I was looking for yesterday, I went on a DSW adventure after lunch. I was successful on the flats and found a killer pair of gray heels for the office. KILLER I tell you.

The rest of the day is toddler playtime, BBQ dinner and after toddler bedtime, hubby-wife board game night. I'm loving the Eskimo Summer weekend and all the outdoor time we're enjoying!

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