Aug 29, 2014

When you work from home...

A sales director at work asked me to join his weekly team meeting today. They are based on the east coast so it meant dialing in at 8a. I told him I would be happy to join but would be taking the call from home since I couldn't feasibly make preschool dropoff and get to work by 8a. No big deal, everyone had a chuckle about Curious George being on in the background.

Per the plan, I spoke for 10-15 minutes, introducing myself, giving a sneak peek into some of my marketing plans. I figured 15 minutes was what Cade would give me so we were doing great. Then though we launched into Q&A. The team had great questions and I took the time to answer them; Cade was still happily playing and watching cartoons. Win-win-win.

But then I saw It: the baby poop face.

Giggle to myself, "he's so funny when he makes that face." Continue with phone call. Oh how blissfully ignorant I was.

Next thing I know: exploding diaper! Poop out the top! Meanwhile, the team is still asking questions about marketing plans. At this point Cade starts crying, because, duh, he's sitting in his own exploding poop.

When, mercifully, the director said "thank you for joining us Cheryl. You can stay on the call if you - " I didn't let him finish his sentence before "Thank you! I need to run. Toddler situation. Bye y'all!" Because literally, there was a shitstorm happening. Shit had hit the floor.

I'm not even sure I had hung up the phone before I started yelling "Ross! Ross! I need you. NOW."

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