Aug 24, 2014

This weekend brought to you by the letter D

Whew, y'all, I am tired. It was a busy weekend! But lemme hit the highlights of our weekend brought to you by the letter D.

Brit and I visited Nichole in Big D this weekend! We had a fancy night out on the town Friday with a late rooftop dinner (lobster salad! and oh my goodness, the best house Chardonnay. I've never had a house wine that tasty) and barhopping downtown. She lives right in the city (a loft apartment downtown - so trendy!) so it was like flashbacks to Boston...with cabs, trains, downtown nightlife. Pretty fun! Saturday we hung out at a swanky pool (I'm talking a fountain/waterfall thing, gorgeous blue tile around it and in the middle of downtown, SWA-ANKY) and then had a quiet wine on the couch night.
I told you we were fancy

Double Date
Ross and Cade had a double date with Jon and Rowan Saturday morning. The four of them went to the Austin Zoo. Seriously, the sweetest thing ever. What great dads! I love taking fun adventures with Cade and I'm glad Ross gets to do the same. Icing on the cake was Erin texting me later that when she asked Rowan what her favorite part of the zoo was, Rowan said "Cade." It's a good thing those two have chaperones.

Aren't they the cutest pair
OK I know this isn't a D word but whatevs. Cade stayed Saturday night with Nancy so I could have 2 nights in Dallas even though Ross had to work early today. I picked my boy up right after his nap and we enjoyed the last official weekend of summer at the pool*. He totally mastered the pirate ship slide which clearly made his day.

More slide more slide
*Trust me, I know I live in Texas. It will feel like summer for another 8 weeks (or more) but the pool hours are getting limited with school starting this coming week. 

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