Aug 10, 2014

M+R Wedding!

It's like a flashback to our wedding :)
They tied the knot! Yesterday was the big Margeaux and Ryan wedding with all members of the Family Black involved. We were extra lucky too because my Mom spent the weekend (and thus her birthday with us) to help celebrate and keep tabs on the cutie ring bearer. Hurray for grandmothers!

As you know, Cade got 1/2 ready at home (me and Mom  got full ready) and then we met Ross, the happy couple and the rest of the wedding party at the venue around 5. We finished getting Cade dressed, had some pics with the boys, snapped some selfies, changed a diaper, and snuck a look at the bride (just me that is). Then it was time for the big moment!

We weren't totally sure how Cade would do going down the aisle. He had two role models in Ryan's nephews but still, big crowd, new kiddos, it was all a little strange for him. BUT HE DID AWESOME!

I walked the boys into the building, pointed the older two in the right direction, put Cade down and told him to walk to Daddy. And so he did. All by himself. He stopped about 2/3 the way down the aisle to say hi to flirt with one of the lady guests but then toddled the rest of the way, straight into his Dad's arms. They stood at the front together for a minute and then right before Margeaux's entrance, Ross handed him off to my mom who was waiting with books, snacks and toys in the front row. He quietly sat with her for the whole ceremony. Like a champ. Cuz he's the best.

Ryan looked dapper, Margeaux was stunning and most important, they both seemed very confident and happy. They were sung out by a Michael Buble song, took some pics and then it was dinner and dancing to a live band.

It was a great night and we are so happy to have celebrated with our fun and loving framily all night long. Enjoy the pics!

Like father, like son
My best boy looking dashing in a bowtie and mustache
Happy Birthday Grandma!

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