Sep 14, 2014

18 months old!

I feel at this point I'm not a mom who can tell you exactly how old her kid is. "17 months, 3 weeks and 2 days" is not answer you'll get from me. Cade's been "about a year and a half" for at least two months now.

But yesterday he became legitimately a year and a half. And when you can still count your years on one hand, half birthdays matter. I mean heck, 6 months is a full third of his life! That's like me only celebrating my birthday every 10 years (well...almost...I have another 222 days and 2 hours before I'm 30 but whose counting).



To celebrate Cade's half birthday we...did more or less the same thing we do every weekend. But with gusto! A walk around the block, errands that had an added playtime at Barnes & Noble, cartoons while Mommy got dressed, Starbucks and the park, cheering on the Texans. It was a big, busy weekend!

And using a nifty new photo tool I've just discovered (Canva) here's a look at it.

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Fay said...

He is precious Cheryl! I cant believe he is so big. Love the new photo tool.