Sep 28, 2014

Patio Project

Since we started building this house in 2012 we've been saying we were going to cover the patio. Then we spent money on something else, and then another thing, then we had a newborn, then I went the less secure self-employment route, then we bought my new car, then we had a landscaper fall through. But then, THEN, FINALLY, it happened.

After changing plans several times, we finally had our patio extended, put up sunsails and added an outdoor bar. Woohoo! Our yard is now 100% more enjoyable and liveable.

Of course like any home renovation project, we run the very high risk of this just being the start. We're already discussing replacing the table and chairs, adding a step down and may even flagstone-ing over the cement part.

But first thing's first - a party!

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