Sep 24, 2014

Beantown Vacay

Whew! We went to Beantown, we saw family and friends and we made it home again!

Cade and I spent four nights in New England and had a GREAT time. On Thursday we went to Jane's house and had a quiet evening with her and AJ. On Friday we played at home in the morning including a walk around the lake by Jane's house.

After nap, we went on a vineyard happy hour. Cade, ever the sophisticated toddler, knows vineyards well as we also went to one on our Cali trip back in January. Needless, to say, he did great (that is did great in between small meltdowns because mommy went in inside for a refill and he had to play with his delta aunties...still getting to know them after all). Friday post vineyard a few more deltas came to visit and we all hung out in the backyard.

My most fav pic: roomies and baby at the vineyard. Love, love, love.
Saturday we migrated to Framingham to see family. We had a lazy afternoon and then a big family dinner.
Family pic before dinner
Crazy Cade took two naps which I thought were just because he hadn't slept super well since traveling and was getting molars but as we discovered upon our return home, was probably in part due to having hand foot mouth disease. (Calling it a disease makes it sound so unnecessarily serious.) I wish I could tell you that Cade was a champ and stayed up for all of dinner and sat at the table eating salmon with utensils like a little adult. But really, he had a meltdown right before dinner and crashed. So the adults ate dinner together and talked and enjoyed wine and had a lovely time while the wee boy slept.

Before his dinnertime bedtime, Cade LOVED playing with Uncle Winslow
The only bummer of the weekend was Saturday and Sunday nights. My small child was teething and sick and as a result neither of us slept very much at all. However those molars would have come if we had been on vacation or not so at least we got to see family and friends, come hell or molars.

Sunday was a quiet day with family. Walks around the block, a visit to Lexington & Concord and a very civilized dinner together at the table. He ate the heck outta Aunt Linda's mashed potatoes!

Monday we lazed around in the early morning and then hung out with Auntie Linda in the late morning. After nap AJ and Taygan picked us up for the airport. The boys were so cute in the dual car seats! I wish they had been able to spend more time together but there's always next time. We hope to visit Boston often during Cade's childhood. Just the first of many!

Sharing pretzels on the way to the airport
And finally, from an airplane perspective, he was a total champ. In all the travels, he only had 5 minutes of crying. And like I said, there was some sickness and molars involved. Five minutes of crying would be exceptional for a healthy babe, but for a sick teething babe is blue ribbon caliber. Also, three adults (me, Nana and Grandpa Jack) to one toddler is absolutely the right travel ratio. They were so much help!!!

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