Mar 28, 2015

My baby, my parrot

New things my kid tried and managed to say at least fairly well today

Untitled"ohie dohie"
As in "We're going to go to the store and then out for ice cream. Okie dokie?" "ohie dohie"

"Im-nas-ics cass"
As in this morning he went to "im-nas-ics cass" with Mama at the rec center.

"Orrie Char-yee"
As in "five minutes is up, sorry Charlie." "Orrie Char-yee"

"Best boy"
As in "I'd love to read that book to my best boy." "I best boy"

And now for my absolute favorite! Drum roll please...

As in "What's dat?" points to picture of the Colosseum above the stairs. "That's in Italy." "Ih-ah-yee"

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