Mar 12, 2015

To my 1 year old

My sweet Cade,

In 2 hours, you'll be two! Of course, we'll start celebrating first thing in the morning but as your mama, I'm one of just a handful of people who know you didn't arrive until pretty late in the day. (I dare say I'm the one who knows it best.)

In this past year you've grown leaps and bounds. You started Montessori school, graduated from walking to running and most recently, are talking up a storm! Your latest thing is "hol' my han'" because we've taught you that when you want to lead someone someplace, you don't drag them by the leg, you lead them by the hand. Now you tell us "hol' my han'" all the time and lead us to play trains, to go outside or the one that causes the most objections, to get you more cookies from the pantry. But you are pretty cute, so we usually cave in.

It reminds me a little of a card we gave Jon and Erin when they had Rowan. The gist was "you have a new boss." Ah, so so true. But I digress.

Tomorrow you turn two and I am so excited for your birthday. We have big plans. Mommy & Cade date to Starbucks (where you are a local celebrity and everyone knows it is your birthday). Then a half day of school with special birthday treats for your friends. Then up to the fire station to see your dad, eat cupcakes and give you your big gift. You will LOVE it. Actually, you saw the box for it yesterday in the garage and already told Dad you want it so I'm not just guessing you'll love it, I know you'll love it.

I wasn't feeling all sentimental about your birthday until this evening. We were playing in the cul-de-sac with the neighbors and I took this picture.


"And with that the baby years rode off into the sunset" I wrote on Facebook.

Now your dad will say it was the awful yet oh-so-good drama I was watching on TV that got me all sentimental (ask him, he'll tell you) but that wasn't it. You were borrowing the neighbor's bike-thing and you finally FINALLY figured out how to Fred-Flintstone it with your feet. The fact that you are getting (spoiler alert) a tricycle tomorrow...well Mama's baby is all grown up!

And you know it! Here's the fun video of you this morning telling us all about your birthday.

Adios baby boy. Hello kiddo! You are so much fun!

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