Mar 16, 2015

Birthday Weekend!

On Friday the little boy turned two! It was quite a birthday weekend!

First Starbucks date with Mommy during which we saw TWO trains.

Obligatory selfie w/Mommy
Then a kinda short day at pre-school, ending with birthday snack of brownie bites and vanilla wafers with all his friends and Mommy. Next up to the fire station to see Daddy, eat cupcakes and get his big present - a Thomas trike!

New trike all over the fire station
"I wan cupcake"
Saturday we had a friend's birthday party at Safari Champ in the morning. More cupcakes! And then an afternoon of playing, including more trike riding with Grandma.

Trike and sunnies
Sunday was the big birthday party at the park. Donuts, juice (coffee for the grown ups), oranges, yogurt, bananas and of course friends!

We had 8 kids show up and 15ish adults. More than one parent said they used the promise of donuts at the park as bribery to get their kids to go to bed the night before or eat breakfast that morning. Cade loved seeing all of his friends, but of course, Ro is his best girl. They were basically attached at the hip the whole time.

"M'on Rowey!"

Sandbox fun
Also of note was that during the party, not one, not two but FIVE trains flew by on the nearby track. Every kid was jazzed about that. One mom told me it made for the best party her kid had ever been to - he couldn't believe Cade got real trains at his party! (Me too kid, me too.)

Daddy, Mommy, Cade and his birthday muffin

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