Mar 20, 2015

Nana Camp

Cade went to Nana Camp!

What's Nana Camp you say? Two nights with Nana and Grandpa Jack while they are on spring break, preschool is on spring break but Mommy and Daddy are not on spring break.

Wednesday afternoon we had a "Cade exchange" on our way to our house closing. That's right - house closing! We sold our first house, the one in Pflugerville, and are now down to just one mortgage. Woohoo!

So between closing in the house and two days of closed preschool, we were going to need lots of help with the little guy. Enter Nana Camp.

Like I said, Wednesday the eagle landed in Nana's car and then it was off for two nights of fun. As you can see, he had a lot of fun.

throwing rocks in the creek
feeding the birds

park playdate with Nana's friends

As for us closing on the house was pretty fun. Probably the most fun you can have doing paperwork to be honest. But then it was to work on Thursday. That night was my first night home alone since Cade was born. It was nice to just head out the door to walk Lexi or go to the store when I wanted...but otherwise, meh. I thought I would relish in the alone time but it turns out I do the same things alone at home that I do with my whole family here: go for a walk, watch some trashy TV, wash my hair and vacuum.

Anyways, Nana Camp worked out great for everyone. Cade had extra time with his grandparents, they got extra Cade time but still had most of their spring break to themselves, we knocked out work days plus the house closing. Win!

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