Jul 7, 2015

Staycation Days 8 & 9

A little late but that's because 1) we were enjoying staycation and 2) staycation is over now so back to the usual crazy :)

Untitled July 4 started with Facetiming the grandparents, a flag photoshoot (he was super enthusiastic about it, continually telling me "more flag Mom") and then a trip to the park.

After that, Cade decided it was just too exciting of a day to nap. Sad face for Mommy and Daddy. But despite being nap-free he did pretty well at the afternoon pool party. He alternated between playing and watching a movie. We brought out the mattress from his pack-n-play, laid it under the porch and streamed a movie for him on Netflix. Not exactly what I planned for our holiday, but Mr. SleepyPants couldn't handle a whole afternoon of playtime so quiet movie time was a nice option when he needed it.

On Sunday we went to the duck pond, had morning playtime with Holden, went to the gym/Kids' Club and gym pool. All before lunch. After a FANTASTIC almost 2 hour nap, he had an afternoon playdate with Holden and our babysitter, Emily, while Jenny and I went out for a very high quality, family friendly moving. Magic Mike XXL. Alright, not so family friendly, but tons of fun! And Emily said the boys had a blast playing together for 3.5 hours. I think it was win for everyone.

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