Jul 3, 2015

Staycation Day 7

Ah, a Friday that felt like a Saturday. Coffee and coloring on the back porch, play time in the gameroom, gym/Kids' Club (a pilates class that isn't offered at times I can normally attend - so good to go today!) and then home for lunch. After lunch I ran errands while the boys played. From what Ross says, lots more running from Lexi Bear. Then a pre-dinner play time with Holden and after dinner, the main event. America's Birthday Storytime at Barnes & Noble!


It was the first time we've gone to storytime and had Cade actually sit through it and pay attention. In fact, he did REALLY WELL, Four books were read and he sat without wiggling for the first two. On the third, he talked but only to say "Mom come sit with Cade." (Yeah, I'm "Mom" now. Not "Mommy" any more. I hope I go back to "Mommy" soon.) And when all the books were done he said thank you, gotta go, night-night. Because he is awesome.

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