Jul 2, 2015

Staycation Days 5 & 6

Hello July! Knock on wood, but two days in and you've been unseasonably pleasant.

Cade's staycation yesterday started at Nana's, took a turn in Aunt Meg's pool with Daddy and ended with some blissfully normal cul-de-sac playtime. No shirt and PJ pants in the middle because hello - it is summer vacation!


Today we ventured to Starbucks and then he spent a couple hours on a play date with Holden while we worked. As you can see, they made totally awesome robot masks. Then some afternoon movie time before the gym/Kids' Club and the pool.

My favorite today was the running-from-a-bear game he made up after dinner. And then Lexi became the bear. Sometimes the monster bear. We had to run away from her (duh - she's a bear) and then run back to her (duh - she's Lexi). And we had to do this running along the painters' tape road I made for matchbox cars on the carpet (and here I thought we'd be playing cars). Trust me, to Cade, it all made perfect sense. Watch the video and see. 

Also in the category of active imagination were the dinosaurs who he shared his sippy cup of water with before bed. And who also did not want to go to sleep but who he eventually agreed had to sleep, just like him. So glad we sorted that one out.

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