Jul 22, 2015

A La Casa de Negra

Back at the Black Family Home (a la casa de negra)...

We are looking down the tunnel to vacation! Just two school days for Cade, two works days for me and one shift for Ross stand between us and VACATION!

We are SO ready.

Stayin' cool in the hot, hot, hot summer
And pretty unrelated but also, it is 102 here. H-O-T hot. So in addition to looking longingly down the tunnel to vacation, we're also looking for ways to cool off. I have spent more time in my swimsuit the past 2 weeks than I have in years. There have been pools and splash pads and sprinklers galore. Luckily we've had some nice nights but those hours after work and before Cade's bed time are just scorchin' hot. I figure we have 4-5 more weeks of crazy hot before it will simmer back down to just plain hot for a month and then by early October we'll waltz into warm.

Also on the homefront, Cade is super into me right now. Which is very sweet. But we firmly believe in shared equal (but different) parenting so Ross is pushing through some tears to handle bedtime. After all, they need father-son time and Mommy has dishes to wash before she can zone out to 30 minutes of trashy TV. Last night was worse, tonight was better. One of many phases in childhood I assume.

I think that covers us. Over and out.

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