Mar 7, 2007

Good Things

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There are good things in life. Like the cute tushes of the Boston Red Sox and photoshop projects that work out like you want them to. But those aren't the only good things in life.

Seeing Emo and Ashley next week in Dallas, thats a good thing.

Lunch with my favorite TI lady is pretty swell too.

Nate waiting for me with a margarita and beach towel to sit by the pool in Austin on Tuesday. Also good.

Seeing Louise and hopefully meeting her boyfriend. Very happy.

Apartment hunting and getting a lease = Fab.

A SECOND INTERVIEW with NI is downright rockin.

SxSW with Miss Amy S'Nelsen is amazing.

Meeting some of the good people at Vollmer PR, excellent.

Checkin in on KBR, the baby and the new house; George-Strait-blaring-in-the-springtime-good.

Spring break makes me very happy over all. It is a good in life. And I, with all my senioritis, am so ready for it.

Here I come Texas :)

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