Mar 5, 2007

Sweet Livin in the Land of Ice & Snow

I must say, life in the land of ice and snow is pretty darn good right now. Know why?

1)I have the best job -- I mean shoot, I was sent on a shopping trip to Borders today! And what kinda emails do I get at work? Ones with pretty pictures from Ashley in them like this awesome Boston pic.

2)In less than week I am going to Texas, which despite my love for Boston, is pretty exciting. I'm going to drink some margaritas, eat some Mexican food, soak up the sun and get a rockin new apartment.

3) My best friends are basically the best people ever. AJ watches the travel channel with me as we day dream/plan our Caribbean cruise for next January. Melissa calls me from the beach -- its almost like I'm there (just not quite as warm).

4) 76 days til graduation. I have senioritis and I love it.

5) Sunset. I eat there about once a week now.

6) My apartment is the place to be. Max, Lynzey, Simon and Jorge, the best named inanimate objects an apartment could ever have.

7) When I get home tonight Bob is making AJ and I breakfast for dinner. Whoa baby, life is good!

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