Mar 25, 2007

Apt 2 + the Neighbors = War

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I know we look really happy here. And we are. How can you not be happy when you are wearing sunglasses and hats at 2am on a Saturday night? You have to be happy, thats all there is to it.

We were not happy after this. The people who live abov us, apt 4, are no longer our friends. Not that they were really friends before but they were mildly respected neighbors. Given that preface, I need to vent.

They had a party last night. OK cool its a Saturday. But the party BEGAN at 1am. Really? Who begins a party at 1am? And their guests buzzed our apartment 3 times between 2a-2:30a. Not a real big fan of that. They also let the party out of their apartment and into the stairwell which was excellent (not). And we believe they were playing the drums at 3am. If this was a one time thing, while I can't say we would have been happy about it, we probably could look past it. But the seriously have parties every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So in conclusion, we are done with them.

That felt good. Thanks for being my sounding board.

And remember, always wear sunglasses and hats inside. It makes life better.

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