Mar 31, 2007

Thursdays Are the Best Days

I heart Jeddy
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I think Thursdays are grand. AJ, Jess and I get to eat at Sunset with our waiter, Ethan. We like Ethan. He remembers how we like our chip bowl (no bean salsa, extra red salsa) and how I like my margaritas (on the rocks with salt). We're his Thursday Regulars and I have to tell ya, its a pretty sweet group to belong to.

And then this past Thursday we got to attend Emal's Knighting. This means Emal, like Bob, spends a lot of time at the pub, though not nearly as much time nor money as Bob. The most fab thing about a knighting is the names you get to put on their mug. Her's included "The captain is under my desk" and "The frog is trying to eat us" as well as many more that though the language may be fine they express ideas probably unsuitable for this forum. Needless to say they were quite amusing.

Now I've got to tell you about a predicament I am having. Graduation has no real sentimental value for me. I feel kinda guilty about it. My friends start to get broken up about the idea of everyone leaving Boston; not having late nights of board games together; no more knightings; no more living with our fab roomies and no more dependence on Mom & Dad. I enjoy our board game nights, the knightings, Tuesdays at Ts, Sunset Thursdays and all that grand stuff. I do! Its the best! But I have to tell you, I in no way am sad to graduate. This is one gal who is ready to move on like its her job. I don't know if its just that I am sick of anticipating it and want it to be over already or what.

And I'm not worried about keeping in touch with people. This also seems to be a concern among my friends. Why? We have email, IM, facebook (sad though it may be) airplanes and cars. Why wouldn't we be able to keep in touch? No it won't be the SAME but nothing ever is. And thats OK. I've kept in touch with the high school friends I wanted to keep in touch with. I see Melissa a few times a year and talk to her once a week if not more; see Zach a couple times a year; talk to Amy regularly, keep in touch with Pooja and Kali; see Jerry semi-regularly. Heck, I've even become better friends with some people like Stu, Bryant and Josh since I left. Its no big deal. I figure the college friends I want to keep in touch with and visit, I will. Those that are less influential in my life I won't, and that'll be OK too.

So I guess I feel guilty because it probably looks like I don't care about them since there's no sadness about graduating. Maybe I'll become a little sad in say May. But graduating should be exciting. Life changes and its suppose to change. Enjoy it for what it is and then enjoy the next part.

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