May 15, 2007

Can you play me a memory

pre-Jake Ivory's
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Generally speaking, nobody likes Mondays. But my Monday yesterday, it wasn't all bad.

1. Pretty chill day at the office. And Roger's promised us a lunch out on Wednesday. yay!

2. Amazing dinner by Miss AJ -- it was just pasta but everything she makes is better

3. Jake Ivory's with AJ, Jess, and Megan. Holy guacamole. Jess is a karaoke queen. AJ is AJ and generally awesome. And why haven't I been barhopping with Megan more? This whole new not-a-Catholic-school-girl person comes out. I love the out at night Megan just as much as the daytime Megan!

4. 90s music. Who doesn't love 90s music? We even sang Fresh Prince of Bellaire while at Jake's!

5. Home for nachos and TV.

The livin's easy baby, easy.

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