May 1, 2007

The Last Dance

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DDD Formal this past weekend was outstanding. Cute dress, great friends, swell music, dinner at a bar where everyone stared at us in our formal dresses, post party back at Ben's even though he didn't go to formal.
However, besides being a rockin' good time, it also started to make us all realize that it really is the "last dance," and we don't mean the last formal. Formal is an end of the year thing obviously so having it means that shoot, the end of the academic year is actually here.

On top of that, Val, Kristin, AJ and I had already discussed that it was the last weekend we are all in Boston together. We are all here for graduation but so are all of our families. And we love them it will just be different thats all. But this end of an era, if you'll amuse me and let me call it that, meant that naturally there was no time to sleep. Sleep is for the weak! (or the very tired.)

And after formal, as in on Sunday, we had senior rec. And this time, I was one of the seniors. Fortunately or unfortunately, AJ and I were so distracted by the heat in the room that we paid almost no attention to some of the things that could have been sad. We were too distracted by the possibility of fainting.

Now its May 1, and we're down to 19 days til graduation. I'm excited to relocate to Austin; decorate my new place, drive my new car, live with little brother, etc. I am not so excited about leaving my friends. AJ refuses to let me speak about it. It is forbidden. Which I like. I'm pleased to know that she's as distraught over it as I am.

But, deep breath, its all going to be OK. I'll see everyone at Bonnaroo in June. We'll all talk all the time (specially AJ and I). Maybe go on a cruise with the girls in January so we can get into trouble over the open waters, a task we have yet to tackle.
Besides, people have been graduating college for years and moving away from their friends. They've all been ok. Right?

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