May 19, 2007

Its a Tough Life

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Really tough. I mean last weekend I was forced to stay at this awful hotel -- maybe you know it, the Ritz-Carlton. In NYC, It was rough man. (ok, not so rough) And then I bought some beautiful clothes at a little store called Ann Taylor, a small splurge. On Thursday I had lobster and steamers for lunch. As if that wasn't enough for one day, then Auntie Pam, AJ's auntie who I have adopted, gave me a pair of Tiffany's earrings for graduation. AND THEN we had Ben's graduation party -- surf and turf in the presidential suite of the Omni- Parker House. Well-stocked bar, a beautiful filet, 3 different desserts and a gorgeous setting. And last night we had a delicious dinner at Legal's, after the excellent champagne reception that is. Not to mention my beautiful new car waiting for me and my sweet new apartment. I am basically just floored by it all. Since when did this happen man? Oh right, the perks of graduating.

As I told Grandma, I know I'm not wealthy but it sorta seems like it lately! I could most definitely get used to this :)

...btw tomorrow's the day I walk across that stage. holy cow!

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