Jun 24, 2007

New Adventures

So I have 2 new adventures

1) Online Dating. Fleishman just signed an online dating site as a new client and asked single employees across the country to use the service and report back. So Brittn (Brittney, we renamed her) and I are going for it. I shall report back on any interesting findings. At worst it will be some great stories huh?

2) New Job! I know I've only been at Fleishman a few weeks (dear FH, super sorry about the timing but when I tell you about the new gig, you'll understand.) but I applied for one sweet job and actually got it!! I am going to be doing public relations for the local Girl Scout council. I'll get to dip in fundraising, volunteeer management, communications and of course, cookies. Yes I am now your go-to person on cookies.


Kristen said...

Hilarious new adventure into online dating! I hope it goes well and good luck with the Girl Scouts. were you ever one yourself?

Come on over anytime!

Cheryl said...

I sure was a girl scout... and a GS camp counselor and a troop leader. Yes Girl Scouts and I are old friends.