Jun 4, 2007

Start of Something New

A new job for starters. The first day went really well. Got settled in, had some very manageable tasks placed in front of me. All good signs. Now its time to start meeting some new people! Where do I find them? I mean I know there are people in this city. I'm just not sure where.

Speaking of the lost population, going to work was strange. I have never driven downtown for a job. And since I was driving downtown and parking in a garage, there wasn't the flood of people walking from the train to their respective offices like I was used to in Boston. So very strange! Even on my lunch hour when we walked for a few blocks, there were very few people out. Such a departure from Boston where on a sunny day there are people on every bench or corner eating from 11a to 3p. And even on non-sunny days you see people running to the bank or starbucks or fedex. I may have to go to starbucks tomorrow morning just to get my fill of people!


Ashley d'Entremont said...

beautiful shot, my dear.

and congrats on the table, i understand the elated feeling of knowing you no longer will need to eat on the floor or standing. better yet, you can have some one else dine with you! seated!

hope all is well.

Cheryl said...

if only I had taken the pic. Oh well, google images did me right again